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Listen In: Passive Income Through Multifamily Real Estate

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Listen In: Passive Income Through Multifamily Real Estate

Podcast: Passive Income Through Multifamily Real Estate

Episode Number: 205

Episode Title: Wisdom from KRI Properties’ Founder’s 24 Years of Experience in Real Estate 

Host: Kyle Mitchell & Lalita Mitchell, Limitless Estates

Guests: Ken Gee, Founder & Managing Member, KRI Partners


Ken’s conversation with Kyle was very much a lightning speed round approach to talking through the many questions passive real estate investors need the answers to.  It was a 20 minute interview filled with tons of really “good to know” information.  

In this episode Ken covered, in part:

  • The three things Ken believes a real estate investment firm must have before you give them your money.
  • Ken’s advice to real estate investors that don’t have experience.  
  • Ken’s philosophy on how to consistently make money in real estate. 
  • Why you should renovate from the outside in when renovating your multi-family property.
  • Why KRI invests in B and C-asset classes. 
  • If you’re getting started in investing passively, how to go about vetting an investment firm. 
  • How KRI is finding deals and benefitting from a relationship with a broker network. 
  • How KRI underwrites differently in growth markets versus non-growth markets. 
  • Tips for new investors who are wanting to get into a new market: do your homework. 
  • Common mistakes new investors make when they’re first talking to brokers. 

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