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Listen In: KRI Talks with Sam Newell of Recession Proof Investing

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Listen In: KRI Talks with Sam Newell of Recession Proof Investing

Podcast: Recession Proof Investing

Episode Number: 057

Episode Title: Plan, Learn, Re-Evaluate, and Adjust

Host: Sam Newell, Recession Proof Investing

Guests: Ken Gee, Founder & Managing Member, KRI Partners

Plan, Learn, Re-Evaluate, and Adjust

Ken Gee, Managing Member, KRI Partners, sits down with Sam Newell to talk about critical factors KRI considers when evaluating deals and most importantly, how he plans the execution of their business and renovation plans for their deals.  

The theme throughout the discussion is to constantly re-evaluate your business and renovation plans and adjust as needed to maximize investor returns. Ken talks about why that’s important and why many probably don’t focus on it.

He also dives into the risk analysis he completes on every deal to gain a better understanding of the risk associated with achieving their desired outcome.  It all starts with understanding how much risk is associated with the upside in rents that is almost always projected on every deal.

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