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Listen In: KRI Talks with the Going Long Podcast

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Listen In: KRI Talks with the Going Long Podcast

Podcast: Going Long

Episode Number: 146

Episode Title: How to Create Wealth through Long Distance R.E.I.

Host: Billy Keels, Going Long

Guests: Ken Gee, Founder & Managing Member, KRI Partners


Billy Keels focuses on teaching people how to be a successful real estate investor by investing in multifamily real estate beyond your backyard.  Billy and Ken share some really important reasons to look beyond your backyard.  KRI specializes in helping investors reach their financial goals through real estate investing.

More specifically, in this episode they cover:

  • KRI’s unique business model
  • How owning three Cessna Pilot Centers helped Ken to be successful in multifamily real estate
  • How being a CPA and having lending background gives KRI a huge advantage
  • And tons more

Learn more and listen to the conversation here or you can watch the video version here.

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